Earn money with us by inviting your audience to our service!
Your reward from attracting customers is 40% in the first month!
Deductions during one year after the client's first payment!
Payments are made to cards or partners' accounts!
Calculation of earnings
1,000 users follow your link
200 of them register with us in our service
30 customers link the card immediately
In the first month, you earn 4788 rubles. And in 3 months you earn 14,364 rubles
Why is our service relevant and converting?
Users in 2021 are primarily concerned with the security of their accounts and do not want to give their password to other third-party services! Our tool solves exactly this problem! That's why they choose us!
Account security
The service has no access to the user's account. Everything works through an extension installed in Google Chrome, without requiring the user to give us their username and password.
Despite the layer in the form of a browser extension, our method does not interfere with the daily life of our customers. It is enough to simply use your computer for a few hours a day and in that time our tool has time to perform all the necessary actions.
Lite interface
After the initial set-up and payment, the user immediately begins to get necessary result, without having to rummage through a bunch of sections with settings.
What message to broadcast?
You just need to tell your audience that it's safe to promote on Instagram and not give your password to anyone. By performing a small number of actions customer profiles will get up to 1500 new followers and customers per month without any extra effort or risk of getting blocked!
What does the client you brought in get?
It's simple - the cheapest followers and clients from Instagram without the help of experts!
Follower's price becomes literally cheaper than 1 ruble.
From follower to customer - as quickly as possible! On average our clients get 300-500 new clients per month.
The price is the lowest on the market. You pay only 399 rubles for over a thousand new followers and customers per month.